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The Blood Confession by Alisa M. Libby

The Blood Confession by Alisa M. Libby is a book that takes place in history. It is about Erzebet, a countess who used beautiful women’s blood to increase her own beauty. It was through a black magic ritual. This is what the inside cover says:

Countess Erzebet Bizecka appears to have everything a young noblewoman in sixteenth-centruy Hungary–or any woman anywhere, for that matter–could want. She is rech and beautiful. She lives in an enormous castle, attended by dozens of servants. There is no one, now that her parents have died, to make any demands of her. She is free to live her life in any way she wishes.

But life wasn’t always this way. Her insane mother and judgmental father never felt she was beautiful enough. And for all her outward defiance, deep inside, Erzebet agreed with them.

When Erzebet discovers the power of the blood ritual, she feels reborn. It’s very simple: willing servant girls give her some of their blood and Erzebet bathes in it. The mythic power of blood makes Erzebet more beautiful and more powerful than she ever dreamed possible, for the blood is the life.

But once Erzebet tastes this power, her need for it increases. And when a handsome stranger appears, whispering of new and dangerous ways to conduct the blood ritual, Erzebet sets off on a path that leads to a very dark place indeed.

In this gothic novel, author Alisa M. Libby has woven strands of the real-life Countess Bathory’s story into a spellbinding work that combines horror, romance, and history into one powerful story.

I did not like this novel. It didn’t seem to be written very well. There is some difficulty in following the plot. It starts with her locked away, marked as a madwoman (she is). Then we learn her life story. It starts with her vain mother and her father, Count Bizecka, spoiling her and making her (Erzebet) vain. The whole book is about her insanity. She dives into the world of vanity and narcissism head-first, even coming to the point of murdering people. She needs their blood for some ritual that is supposed to keep her young and beautiful forever.

As you read this, you will see her descent into insanity. At the same time, you also see her turning towards evil, but she doesn’t realize that it’s evil. It also features an evil being who is controlling her, who quotes the Bible, and who convinces her to turn away from God.

What drew me to the book was mostly the design. The bottom of the pages and a design of blood that increases the further you get in, which I found to actually be disappointing since I heard so much about that. Then the title draws you in. When you actually read this, you will find that the story is weird. I couldn’t stand reading it. The story itself can drive you mad. I don’t recommend reading this.

Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Horror, Romance

Stars (out of 5): **


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